They used those primitive tools.

His roof was damaged.

Cardinal Bergoglio was elected Pope by the Conclave.

It was her wish to go to Paris.


You shouldn't trust in appearances.

Clarissa doesn't want to deal with this problem now.

Donald and Andy like to dance.


It's a miracle you survived.

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Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude.


What you said at the meeting today was very inspiring.


Your book has changed my life.

Hank is now in his prime.

Nothing I heard at the meeting made me change my mind.

I certainly hope you're planning to come to my party.

She has a passion for cake.

Are you sure you don't want me to go to Boston with you?

I'll do it for a price.


Mother is busy preparing dinner.

Guy and Cliff are in the front room.

Amos should've asked.

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A lot of clients come to the lawyer for advice.


They would be in the same class.

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That is the boy who came here yesterday.

The value of his discovery was not realized until after his death.

Where do you see him?

No one's coming to our party tonight.

It took generations to iron out all the problems of human pregnancy and child rearing outside of Terra.

This new screen is much brighter.

He needs to come.

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She is my classmate.


The boss likes Ramadoss's can-do attitude.

The photograph brought back memories of my childhood.

It may be a trap.

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I haven't seen Louie in 2 months.

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I won't let anything happen to Bernie.

Take me with you on the next trip.

What will the weather be like tomorrow?

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Major didn't want to do that, but he felt he had no choice.

Toft is getting a little worried.

We're way behind.

A WMV file is a video file.

She managed to read a book written in French.

Playing Russian roulette isn't really a good idea.

That's another one you owe me.

I want to be a doctor or a nurse or a teacher.

I'm not calling him.

There's something I'd like to see.

Have you finished your French homework yet?

I'll stake my reputation on that.

She was alone in the dark.

It takes some courage.

Are you saying that this is my fault?

Leung's very sad.

He and I discussed the waste problem in terms of recycling.


George sent me a birthday card.

We must take that chance.

Must I finish this work?

It can be tricky.

Stay in your car.


This is Masanao's car.


I sensed immediately that something was wrong.

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Nothing is more important than time.

Let's meet this afternoon.

I do as little as I can to get by.

They used math to calculate the shape of the universe immediately before and after the Big Bang.

Sorrel gave Emily the sword.

I arrived at the bus stop just after the bus left.

Propose to me conditions that are better than the ones I have now, and I'll work with you.

I don't know Russian yet.

I woke up at nine o'clock.

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We would ask you to give us a price reduction of 5%.

I think that will leave Canadians teed off.

Shirley had to prepare for his trip.

The day will soon come when we will be able to predict earthquakes.

We need to be aware of the value of time.

His wife seems to be foreign.

I came from Iran.

Abraham got into a fight with Joseph because of Lucy.

This is the corner where Ami got hit by a car.

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Who is the fifteenth?

I think Jean-Christophe knows.

Go home and lock the door from the inside.

I have something else I want you to do for me.

He denied that he had said such a thing.

His affection for us seems exaggerated.

We traveled together.


I didn't know anything.


We just have to be patient.

I am talking about your lover. It is about him that I am talking.

Coleen helped Srivatsan escape from prison.

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You did an amazing job.


They didn't have a prayer.

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What colour do you like?

She is anxious to go abroad.

Who's your favorite Korean musician?

The dream has come true.

Let's stop at the next service station.

The waves dashed against the rocks.

We're both very hungry.


I could not make myself understood in English.


We can fix that.

I've been drinking.

You're within your rights.

The nurses are very nice.

Vickie told Po to be careful.

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There are many rivers on that island.

Brad is usually the last to leave, but last night Aaron left ten minutes after he did.

What I need is not money, but your advice.

Have fun! See you in an hour.

Angelica Pickles is very selfish.

You've done a great job.

We should love as if we've never been hurt.

I'm not contradicting you.

Randal has no alternative.

Hold the baby gently.

Go and find them.

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Do you have to go now?

I suggested that to them.

Every time I call on you, you're out.

Entrance is free of charge.

Beef is more expensive than chicken.


Everything depends on whether you pass the examination.


The customer did not come.

Are you going to get a job this semester?

I saw Eric give a flower Dorothy.


There is nothing much we can do against the freaks of nature.

He successfully smoothed over any problems during the negotiations.

Is there a free spot?

She always reminds me of her mother.

I'd like to eat curry rice for dinner tonight.

The world began without man and it shall end without him.

I'm pretty sure Kee doesn't enjoy watching baseball on TV.

We should call him.

I'm playing a medieval-themed PC game.

I've never understood this.

No matter how hard you may try, you won't succeed so easily.

Detective Dan Anderson verified Linda's statements.

We don't know whether he can come or not.

You're doing a good job.

The law is the law.

The entire area of the Dutch province of Flevoland used to lie on the bottom of the sea before 1930.

I'll see you at dinner.

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Take care, Pinocchio! Those bad companions will sooner or later make you lose your love for study. Some day they will lead you astray.

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I tell it like it is.

Everyone behave naturally!

David won't listen to me.

She insisted on her innocence.

Why are you crossing the street?

Are you Jimmy's friend?

I need to know more details.

He was a stately man.

I'm not fooling around.

After about five drinks, Antony's behaviour becomes unpredictable.

I took no note of the time.

If you have something to complain about, then get out of here!

He seems well acquainted with the history of Japan.

The plane crash took 200 lives.

These books are yours.

I hope that you aren't afraid.

Today I discovered that there's a movie called "The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!"

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The sun disappeared behind a cloud.

I had a seizure.

Put that down.

That's the theory.

Where do you swim?