I now know it's possible.


Slip of the tongue.

When does he get back from his trip?

Joseph and companion would run.

Ravi really didn't know what to do.

I asked for her approval.

Sharing is important.

I'm going to work here.

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I guess I'm a little curious.

Joe's nuts about the girl.

Lanny will be here in a few hours.


Fletcher is good-looking, isn't he?

I'm in law enforcement.

Jitendra is one of the guys that Roy is interested in.

You look like you're doing just great, Cindie.

Price uses paper filter for straining coffee.


What other options do I have?


In the end, I had to fork over $500 for that antique radio.

I haven't seen you for a while.

The thrush sings each song twice over.


Urs doesn't know the boy talking to Lou.


Norbert doesn't really trust Clay.

I think Moore is just looking for a little attention.

I was about to go out when he came to see me.


I've done what I needed to do.

I was hoping we could eat out this evening.

I need to relax.

I'm not undressing you.

Are seats available?

I don't think I really have a problem.

The top of the mountain was covered with snow.

Let me call them.

When told an American ambassador had been seen sneaking into someone else's room, President Kennedy remarked, "I guess I need to hire faster ambassadors."


For him a doctor to get lung cancer from smoking - it's a typical case of 'Do as I say not as I do.'

How does he think it went?

He slipped into the bad habit again.

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I'm only doing my job.


I didn't learn very much.


Edmund explained the rules to Glen in detail.

How big is your dog? Mine is small.

The response has been awesome.

He is a danger to society.

The smell of macaroni and cheese makes me nauseous.

I have bagel and cheese for breakfast.

We appreciate you coming.


They're doing it to me out of spite.


They didn't kill him. They just roughed him up a bit as a warning.

His bravery to save the child from drowning is above praise.

Kristi will assist you in your search for Marshall.

This has never been attempted before.

That's much worse.

Milo looked around nervously.

I'd like to be your boyfriend.

I didn't see anything else.

But it looked comfortable.

He's getting more and more stubborn with age.

Well, make sure to remember the most important words.

My heart aches for the starving children in Africa.

It never occurred to me that my words would hurt her feelings.


We didn't get an apology.

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Once the Sun is totally eclipsed, the Sun's corona can be seen shining in all directions around the Moon. This is a spectacular sight because the only time the Sun's corona can be seen is during a total solar eclipse.


Juliane kicked the door closed behind him.

As long as I live, I will never forget visiting Rome.

Can you figure out this problem?

I will call you in a few minutes.

I'm tired and I want to go home.


I'm scared that once you find out about my secret, you'll never look at me the same way again.

I'll be back at 2:30.

It's vibrating.

History is nothing like what you read in history books.

I don't necessarily support misanthropy.


Benjamin gets on my nerves.


I want the same guitar as John has.

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She was advised by him not to borrow money from his friends.

I'm glad I'm not her.

Jwahar doesn't know how to deal with people like Angela.


I am descended from a graceful family.

I congratulate you on your passing the state examination.

You always take the lion's share!

A crowd gathered of itself.

He is nothing but a poet.

Is it true that you climbed this mountain?

I must've told you that a hundred times already.


Let's rewrite the end of the play.


I don't like that word.


I need to shit.

You're going to want to take a picture of this.

I found him honest.


Where can I find a shuttle bus?

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You need to listen to us.

Morton accepted the job they offered him.

All is over.

Bill was canned from his job last week.

Instead of laying off these workers, why don't we just cut their hours?

I address people politely.

Cynthia can't have understood what you said.


That sounds like a threat.


For this request, please choose 'accept' or 'reject' from the waiting list.


I saw them yesterday morning.

Who was here?

The wind ripped the roof off our building.

If I am busy then I may arrive late.

I finally met him today.

Geoffrey is the only patient left.

I'll tell them the truth.

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Hurf is much taller than me.

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The weather had been hot.


Can you really blame Herb?


I have in-growing eyelashes.

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I learned about the accident in the newspaper.

I installed some new software yesterday on my computer.

He searched for me, found me, and now we're a couple.

The newspaper supplies news.

I've never read Dasai.


It is curious that she should have asked you such a thing.


You said we were invited.

What adorable puppies!

Do you think it was easy for me?

No one will believe him.

Sam is still sick.

I love the way Jacques laughs.

The peas have failed to pod.


"Betsy, say to me, please ..." - "Please!"

She just blew it off.

I was having dinner with him.

There's too much salt in this soup.

Most Americans can't speak German.

Stars undergo nuclear reactions that burn hydrogen in their cores.

I know that he keeps his promise.

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If you have finished reading the book, return it to the library.


I'm using this room as a storeroom.

She invited me to dinner.

When you speak Shanghainese with your mum, I only understand a few words, so I can't join in the conversation.

We spent a lot of time on our lessons.

I don't need money at present.


Saying is one thing and doing another.

I think that he is in the right in this dispute.

He has a nice house and nice car. He must be happy.

My mother never gets up early.

This stays between us, OK?

Earl looked around carefully.

Even a child would notice the difference.


I wonder what Stacey is planning.

Could you tell me your name again?

How many full moons are there in a year?

Go help Jesus.

My parents want to dismiss our nurse because they don't have enough money to pay to her.

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I'll be with you in spirit.

Would you have been able to do any better?

Do you know what this is about?

I was going to have cake for dessert, but I changed my mind.

In case anything happens, call me immediately.


I met an old friend by chance.


Patty forgave Wolf.