Are you all out of your minds?

You can let her go.

I talked to them.

We all want the same thing.

I'm waiting for the light to change.

She's so cheap that she uses tea bags three times before she throws them away.

You should go in person.

According to legend, ghosts would appear in that forest, so people would not set foot there.

Stanly wasn't upset by what Jesus said.

What am I to do next?

I think you said you wanted to help Phiroze.

Oh please!


All the eggs went bad.

We're on the verge of another catastrophe.

Shankar ingratiates himself with our new boss.

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Lou can't decide whether to buy a Toyota or a Ford.

I'll get on to her right away.

Never hit a man who can fight back.

Can a person who's blind in their own house become clairvoyant at the bazaar?

We'll start over.

Delivery of the materials took two whole months so it will be late for the 12th of December.

Everyone is in favor of the new project.


English is written with a Latin alphabet.


Should you really be doing this?


He is being very kind today.

I agree with that.

What makes you think he likes you?

She doesn't smile for me anymore.

You'd better take her home.

Romain kissed Anderson tenderly on the lips.

Germany is in the heart of Europe.

I'm not teasing their neighbors.

Why do people tend to translate everything that's written into their native language?


Laurent didn't flinch.

The construction of a highway will contribute to the growth of the suburbs.

This is the first time I've ever felt nauseous.

His proposal is not worth talking about.

The government said that a new approach was in the offing.

I'll be very happy if I can serve you.

Ravindranath cleared his throat and continued to speak.


Despite the pain, he put on a brave face.


We have a lot more to talk about.

How are things coming along?

One is new, the other is old.

He excels us at tennis.

One year ago we were here.


How long will it take to you?

She was very confusing.

Please don't sign the contract.

Sanjeev was sitting silent for half an hour.

How did he find us?

No one wanted it.

I'm not quite prepared for this.

I was taken aback by his rudeness.

For several months after the robbery the thieves kept a low profile.


William didn't come into work yesterday.

The doctor told Woody that he should try to get more sleep.

There must be a reason that Piotr isn't here.

You'd think they'd call if they weren't planning on coming.

Tell me everything about you.

I don't think this is the time or place for that.

I thought you ought to know.

I never dreamt of there being such a quiet place.

I really want to impress them.


He seems very sleepy.


In this household, the women and men share equal responsibilities.

You need to get a haircut.

I went into partnership with him.

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I have to fix my leaky ceiling.

Dear brothers and sisters!

Janos had expected something quite different.

I will scrutinize you closely.

There is no predicting what may happen.

You're right, as usual.

Doyle never stopped looking for Hienz.

Why won't you let me see them?

Luc died earlier this year.

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If you frequently spit-up blood you should call an ambulance or have a nearby physician make a house call.

Tatoeba was translated into basque in summer 2010.

She's a bride.


He is cutting down trees on a mountain.

Kate is the smartest student in our class.

Mario takes good care of the birds.


It leaves nothing much to be desired.

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How did you get that much money?

Himawan wants to come home.

Why didn't you help her?

The chair is not near the window.

That is why I am not an avid bike rider.

Give yourselves a round of applause.

I have it here somewhere.

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I see the city off in the distance.

That will show him!

We will be seeing you again before long.

How can I gain weight?

If you take this medicine, you'll feel a lot better.


How do you do that?


You shall not use this form while speaking American English.

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Muscles are made of hundreds of thin fibers.

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I like tea more than coffee.

What kinda sorcery is this?

Claire realized that Bonnie was lying.


Cynthia wants me to help him with his homework.

In the Philippines, almost no one speaks Spanish anymore.

Give it your best shot.

I don't have a stamp collection, but I have a Japanese postcard collection that I could use as an excuse to invite him.

I know it wasn't her.

Hotta is angry now.

Since Glynn is an honest person, I like him.

I swam back to the boat.

Susan Greene... are you Dutch?

I saw the way she was looking at you.

Dinner will be at 6:30.

Ralf is good at dealing with children.

I'll be right here.

The young man was completely absorbed in the contemplation of her beauty.

Matt deserves this.

Glenn didn't try to do anything.

I don't technically own any pet, I just live with people who do.

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Jacques watched his granddaughters dance.


It seems you were right.

What a mess...I suppose there's nothing for it but restricting admissions. Handing out numbered tickets or something.

He cannot have told you a wrong number.

I told her I'd think about it.

I didn't mean to interrupt your conversation.


Men who were bereft of reason conducted the war.


Ross called Pitawas, but the line was busy.

Were they being told the truth?

Frankly speaking, I think he's a good boss.

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Be careful. It's a little spicy.

Seenu began to talk fast.

Do you have a pet?

He is so careless that he often makes mistakes.

I told Brian to leave you alone.

Shannon and I are both adults.

His kindness is only a pose.


Finally, we reached the top of the mountain.

Mikael won't be able to go with us.

Ravindran warned him.

Joubert heard King's scream.

I've got the documents you asked for.

A genius can sometimes have rude manners.

He scared me.

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I'm not interested. Buzz off.


Who cares what happens to her?


Po doesn't play tennis as often as he'd like to.


I'll ask them if you like.

She really looks beautiful in a kimono.

There is a chance that he will pass the exam.

I was only kidding about that.

Lenny's book tops Christmas sales of books and hardly any book will put it off its game.


I'll try.

Why are you torturing me?

Jerald asked the wrong questions.


Don't bug me.


How do we know it isn't a trap?


The concert isn't going to take place tomorrow.

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That will fly on the market.

What exactly are we trying to find?

The latest issue of the magazine will come out next Monday.


I haven't gotten any letters from Ethan yet.