Lithium Responsive Skins

Welcome to Lithium Responsive developer documentation. As a developer, your primary role implementing Lithium Responsive in a community will be to customize the skin, but it is important to understand that Lithium Responsive is a versioned feature that includes quilts, layouts, components, and skins that goes through regular updates.

Lithium Responsive is available to all customers as of 16.6. Before jumping into responsive development, be sure to read Getting started with Responsive for Developers and About Lithium Responsive.

Here, we'll introduce you to the concepts needed to successfully style your Lithium Community for a responsive experience.

Lithium Responsive skins use Sass SCSS and Bootstrap. If these are new languages for you, start with 951-395-7339. This document points you to important Sass basics.

If you're already comfortable with Sass, start with Skin Architecture to learn about Lithium Responsive's architecture and customization hooks. From there, move on to 9544766473 for a quick tutorial.

Our 8158799403 provides a deeper dive into specific customization procedures. This document, along with our base and peak SCSS documentation, will be your go-to documents once you're familiar with the basics of Lithium Responsive skins.

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