I believe it's my duty to protect these children.

You're very brave, aren't you?


I want to know who you're going out with tonight.

What can you tell me about what happened?

Let me show you what I can do.

Myron isn't really as rich as everyone thinks he is.

Is Elisabeth bothering you?

A big tree fell in the storm.

That man is a soldier.

Vinod never had any problems at school.

Michael Jackson's album Thriller is the best-selling album of all time.

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Before going home, I have a few drinks to relax.

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Kay is missing the little finger on his left hand.


I got stung by a bee.


My uncle comes to see me from time to time.

This hotel can accommodate 500 guests.

Between the traffic and the dog's barking, he couldn't sleep.


He did not like my book.


That a girl, Marie!

I know everything I need to know.

He is far from telling a lie.

I forgot them.

We're staying there for three months.

Who's that cute guy?

He went down the hill.

We'll should wait and see what Sridharan thinks before we make a decision.

Donne likes his beer really cold.

I'm a cancer patient.

Expect to be pleasantly surprised.

Whether it's white or black, a cat that chases mice is a good cat.

Let's try to come up with something.


I don't want to go and eat today.


It's a double whammy.

I saw five airplanes flying away like so many birds.

I suggested that the plan be postponed.


She is hostile to me.

I thought I heard a voice.

I didn't have breakfast this morning.

Why didn't you just punch Svante?

If you don't water the plants, they will wither.

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Why did you allow it to happen?


His explanation is unconvincing.


I think it's wrong to tell a lie.


I'll meet you at the bus station.

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You're not totally blameless.

It's a rental.

Everyone wins.

You should just talk to them.

We give this town to the Serb Nation.


Nothing is planned yet.

I just want to finish this and leave.

Lake Towada is famous for its beauty.

The Romans worshiped their goddess, Juno.

How do I get to the bookstore?

Unfortunately, I can't seem to put my hands on your document at the moment.

You don't want to make me unhappy, do you?

I'm going to split.

Flowers are yellow.

This material has a rough texture.

You'll soon be used to living in a big city.

This price is reasonable.

I have reached my limits.

We have no acquaintance with her.

Graham made it happen.

Malloy is deadly serious.

Can you blame me for that?

I wrote a song about you.

I bought the novel on which the film is based.

If only he had come.

It's hard to admit that you're a failure.

Let's go tell them.

She told me where to go.

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Take her with you.


She fell in love with the boy next door.

"I'm sorry. I can't do that anymore." "Can't do what anymore?"

I have three times more books than he has.


If someone were to ask, what is the point of this story, I really wouldn't know it.

Keith opened the box and peeked inside.

Do you come here every day?

You often hear people compare life to voyage, don't you?

They felt weary after their hard work.


That topic comes up often.

Stop in anytime.

Marvin can't walk.

How did I look?

I have so many devices on my desk that it makes me feel like a secret agent.


How would they find out?

They should have stopped while they had the chance.

There's something I have to do.

Sorrel likes him.

Pieter doesn't have enough money to travel.

It sounds like you had a great time.

You do look tired.


He always repeats the same mistake.

Ken runs fastest of the three.

Are you imaginative?


The theme of isolation features prominently in his work.


You're inventive.

Don't bother me anymore.

Given good weather, we will reach there tomorrow.

It's been a struggle.

You made plans, didn't you?

I'd tried everything.

Do you rent or own?

I don't have time for this nonsense.

The manager of the baseball team is very strict. He is good at keeping the players in hand.


That does happen occasionally.

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If he were a bachelor, I would marry him.

He jumped on.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose.

The chick peeps.

Shutoku is very hungry.


Today's land problems are the product of years of neglect by successive governments.

Don't get drunk.

I'm never going to complain about that again.

I'm worthless.

These aren't for sale.

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He's better at it than I am.

No one's seen them in a while.

I called him a fat pig.

Protestors are chaining themselves to trees to prevent deforestation of the area.

You don't look like him.

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I was ashamed.


Let's sit in the shade.

You shouldn't leave the child alone.

No matter how rich one may be, one cannot live happily without health.

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She took a close look at the ring.

I don't like talking about myself.

We had to stop because of the heavy rain.

All my pains were in vain.

We went to Boston to visit them.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the security of person.

The number of people on Facebook is greater than the population of the United States.

Teruyuki peeled the potatoes.

Did Miriam really kill Monica?

If my mother were still alive, she would have helped me.

It's going to be packed.


She was trying to figure out what just happened.

Tell him that I'm ready.

I'm learning so much from you.


From time to time, I want to relax and forget everything.


We have a choice now.

Lum is wearing a sports coat.

Becky is the youngest child in his family.

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Have you ever heard him sing?


I'm sorry that I hurt you; forgive me.

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Hornets are better than their reputation.

I've got more experience than Wade.

Corey shot himself with his father's gun and died.

I didn't recognize her.

You look just like your mother did when she was your age.


Protesters were picketing outside the company's headquarters.

The prince asked for her hand in marriage in an elaborately planned proposal in the yacht.

I'm sending you this sentence when you least expect it.

Did you sue him?

I'm working right now.

The enemy had triple our numbers.

Change buses at that stop.

They lost it.

Where is the Egyptian embassy?

Do you feel sick?

Did he sleep well?