I know him by sight.

I wouldn't want to intrude.

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Two books stand out among the dozens recently published on the Royal Family.

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Joubert overslept.

My laser printer can also scan an image.

I am determined to spend my lifetime pursuing my ideals.

Shawn is in the lead.

There's no need to be embarrassed.

The flowers of a tree will fall beneath that very tree.

Don't forget to give my best regards to your lovely wife.


Nikolai only takes painkillers when he just can't stand the pain any longer.


Try it out.

When I was a kid, I was told that butter is bad for one's health.

What happened to your eyes?

I've been thinking about leaving.

Who's sick?

The critics don't understand a damn thing!

Does Carsten get into the city very often?

My tongue is very sharp. Don't make any noise. Don't close the window, please.

We have hard jobs.


I don't think many people can say they are satisfied with their salary.

Since Vasilissa had gone, the stepmother and her two daughters had had neither fire nor light in all the house.

I'll give The a call.

If I were to spend more time strictly studying only for myself whilst minimizing red herrings online, I'd be more of the person I want to be.

You don't seem convinced.


She is going to have a baby this month.

We have to find somewhere safe to wait.

Can computers actually translate literary works?

She was reading.

Billie had good reason to worry.

She has a cool job.

They want Metin to stay overnight.

He was told to stand up, and he did so slowly.

The place I live in is very good for your health.


Is your conscience bothering you?

The heart and mystery of his philosophy was, to look upon the world as a gigantic practical joke.

I feel terrible about my mistake.


I figured you might be hungry by now.

Ima was asking for it.

Parents hope their children will become independent as soon as possible.

That's an old tale.

NASA's Mars rover discovered traces of a river bed.

Did you hear that sound?

I have a lot of ideas.

This road will lead you to the station.

I'm writing to Revised.

I'm supposed to help them.

I've forgotten how to read.


I've got something to tell you.

I bought a new cutting board.

Jennie abstained from voting.

Patricia sat alone in the room.

I eat an apple and she eats bread.

My bath towel was wet, so it was of no use.

Let's go to Paul's Diner.

Kikki and Leung tell each other a lot of things that aren't true.

You're not an expert at this job any more than I am.

I can live with myself.

That was a stupid thing to do.

King doesn't really understand how I feel.

I think it's time for me to get my eyes checked.

Sandip seems to have left the country.

If I weren't broke, I'd buy it.

She thought that he was wasting electricity.

Randolph doesn't have any problem he can't handle himself.

You may borrow my car anytime you want to.

The parade passed our school.

If I had enough money, I could buy this book.

I hope Mahmoud will wait for me.

Breakfast was very good.

Why don't you go and have a look?

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Charles's new book is about Geoff.

In a crisis you must keep your head.

I think Nigel stole my bicycle.

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Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisor, Dr. Juan Pisto, for his patience, effort and dedication.

I like figuring things out.

Takayuki is allergic to cats.


Did you get a good look?

She's a pain in the ass.

I was robbed of my purse.

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Give me some time to think it over.

These clothes make you look thinner.

And the name of the person you're calling, please?

I have not eaten breakfast yet.

I just bought a new pair of shoes.

What did I ever do to him?

Every day, I spend hours doing nothing of import.

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Glen has an organ donor card in his wallet.


I go to the mountain.

I'll have to tell Winnie.

We haven't had much luck lately.


Mame uses a coffee mill to grind coffee beans.

Toral belongs to the House of Duras.

Give us a hand, will you?

One of the main products of this country is coffee.

I run as fast as Jim.

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

Could I not respond?

The play was produced by him.

That's a woman's job.


Diana's mother confiscated his felt-tip pens after he had started drawing on the walls around the house.

Not every student has a dictionary.

Miles says that's my biggest fault.

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I'm sorry to have disturbed you.

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They're going to tell me the results on Monday.


And as she spoke she threw off her long cloak and everyone saw it was the queen.


I don't think I'm ready.


How is Null expressed as a regular expression?

Doesn't anybody want to take a walk to the sea?

This fish has a lot of small bones in it.

As was expected, Lana won the race.

Where did you get this coat?

Thanks. You've been a big help.

We played and laughed.

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The soup I had was so hot I couldn't drink it.

She sat in a chair reading a magazine.

There is no future without hope.

Notice the difference between a sigh of relief and a sigh of grief.

That's a farce.

I could've been mistaken.

It is said that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.

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Sabrina isn't being very friendly, is he?


Why does everybody have to reply to them when you can just ignore the cracked-sounding ones?

I know how proud you are of your work.

She overcame the difficulty.

Are you really the one who did that?

I suggest you begin at once.

What are you called?

We teachers are human just like you students.

I went on foot only one way.

Do I still look the same?


Do you have a picture?

What were they doing there?

Tell me what really happened.

Ever since Cole changed his mother-in-law's light bulbs, he's been in her good books.

What have they been doing?

That's what we have to figure out.

Reiner left his keys in the car.

He looked small beside my father's stout body.

Get me some water.

The deceased was eighty years old.

Nobody has ever done that.


He had to let his secretary go because she got married.

The weather was gorgeous.

I'm sorry I can't swear by him.

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Despite my warnings, he works no harder.

I'm afraid we've fallen a bit behind in our work.

I told you to keep your mouth shut.

I want a new smartphone!

Look what happened to them.

Health is a necessary condition for happiness.

All the students are already in the classroom.


Let me be honest with you.

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This is a nice place for a picnic.

Do you have a better plan?

I just need to find her.

Get up, now!

This interpretation is subjective.


It doesn't matter what excuse he gives me, I can't forgive him.

Edward closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Where is everybody?

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Arabic is a very important language.


Are you sure you can do this?

The rumour spread through the town like wildfire.

We'll take Michiel home.

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That's a mindfuck.