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Think in content

Watch video, picture, blog ... etc and buy out from the content. Do not buy product anymore from the Internet, think and buy from the content!

The best part about xShopper? Get revenue on sales earned by creating your content online, while promoting any product from the web.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

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the revenue from the sale you generate.


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xShopper is a bridge between products and customers enabled by professional influencers.

So What Is xShopper Really About?

Right now, xShopper is a mobile app where you can buy lots of stuff online – but wait, there's more! xShopper is not just another online store.

The main concept on xShopper is the ability to buy straight from the content – be it from post, video, online or printed magazine. The best part? Whoever put the content together will be able to gain revenue from the sale. What this means is that it creates a new sales channel for the online shops because anyone can refer/sell the shop products, including a customer or any influencer. It is a new stream of revenue for anyone, because you can sell anything on the app, and in a meantime, it gives your customers an easy and fuss-free way to shop and buy whatever they see!

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