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Welcome to TPD Corporation

Say YES to your customers that are asking for Streaming Full Motion HD Video over Cellular or Satellite Networks!

Our model is SaaS, therefore we can work with any existing or installed camera system. Our value proposition is to provide live situational awareness and reduce HD video bandwidth for live streaming video up link and infotainment video down link providing the following:

·       Click Here for NEW Live Streaming 360 HD Video Integrated with Virtual Reality Viewing

·        AllowHD video to stream over any cellular world-wide and satellite networks
·        Reduce the bandwidth required for streaming HD video on all wired or wireless connections
·        Reduce the data storage requirements to archive HD video
·        Video encryption to secure HD video content
·        Reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of HD video
·        Eliminate the need for cabling infrastructure to obtain streaming HD video
·        Enable mobile live or infotainment streaming HD video
·        Interoperate with all video standards

We are currently working in the Oil & Gas, Smart Cities, Situational Awareness and Transportation markets.

We have a Patent Pending on Chain of Custody for Law Enforcement Real Time HD Video from Dash Cams and Body Cams.

We are seeking channel partners in all vertical markets:
·        Surveillance
·        Infotainment
·        Connected Car
·        Transportation
·        Oil & Gas
·        Mobile Infotainment
·        Law Enforcement
·        Customs
·        Border Patrol
·        Journalism
·        Social Media


The TPD Corporate Web site is under construction, but to see our multiple value propositions for multiple markets, please visit our product websites using this technology at:

This is the first full motion real time Streaming HD video from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world using only a cell phone! This is M2M and IoT on steroids!

Also each video frame is encrypted and the connection authenticated to assure the integrity of the video and the source of the video, especially for evidence and journalism purposes.