I think about him a lot.

This bridge won't last long.

The expedition's supplies soon gave out.

I'll just be out back for a while.


He lifted his hat politely.

I am glad to hear the news.

Aren't you scared of anything?


Both Charley and Raphael were very nervous.

It's impossible not to be fascinated by her beauty.

Neville has to take responsibility for his own actions.


Do you have any idea what might happen?

A cornucopia is a horn-shaped basket filled with various kinds of fruits and vegetables.

What's taking so long?

I have to shake hands with the President.

Jacobson is happy.

Don't do this to me! It's not funny!

How can you help them?

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As soon as he was left alone, he opened the letter.

She is always kind to everyone.

She has been sick in bed for a week.

Switzerland boasts many sights.

He's not serious about her at all - he's just playing with her.

He has gone to the United States.

Vice doesn't say much, does he?

I feel like Lukas got the short end of the stick.

It's been three years since my father died.

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Elias didn't sit around waiting.


He believes that Tai Ji has improved his life.


The skaters glided across the ice.


You're just another notch in my bedpost.


He not only does not work but will not find a job.

The city is found west of London.

I'll drive to Boston tomorrow.

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I'm impressed by your design.


He appeared on television last night.

She is a psychic.

We nearly missed the train.

Coke has always been the top dog when it comes to soft drinks.

I need to see it.

Everyone can help ensure that sentences sound correct, and are correctly spelled.

I don't need to go to college.


Who says I'm afraid of them?

She has absolutely no enemies.

The sun was hidden by the mountain.


I'm still intimidated by you.

His request was tantamount to a threat.

Give me five days.


I wonder what Kenn's reaction will be.

What is your natural hair color?

I have to open my shop.

That doesn't sound particularly reassuring.

Father put up the house for sale.


What are the differences?

We must study English.

Give it to me straight.

Those ruins were once a splendid palace.

They insisted on the criminal being punished.

The drain is clogged again.

I talk to them all the time.

I need to know if you are planning to come.

You'll be busy tomorrow.

If you make a mistake, give yourself a break and try again.

She has faith in me.

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Eager to start the day, he leaped out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

So I boosted a couple of CDs. So what?

Melinda waited for Warren at the station.

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I met with an awful accident.


I told her what to do.

I'll see about getting you a doctor.

What did Naren tell you exactly?


My mom used to tease me all the time about it.


As the budget ran out, the robot guards could not chase the runner beyond the city limits.


I'm daydreaming.


I haven't worked since then.


I'll do my best to have it ready on time.

Dewey will never do that.

Who was that girl you were with at the beach today?

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Can you watch the kids?


The food wasn't good, but at least it was cheap.

It's a green card marriage.

Don't let them get to you.


We're looking for a man named Mohammad Jackson.

She froze at the sight of the bear.

We heard about your company from Mr Morris of Digital Com Company.

If anyone can post the answer to this anagram in the next few minutes we'll release the clue.

Please develop and print this film.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in your wedding dress.

May I ask you an indiscreet question?

You're methodical.

You have a great alibi.


My blood is no redder than yours.

Each child has an individual way of thinking.

Both of them are kind and honest.


Each of their opinions has both good points and bad points.

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If you won't tell her, I will.

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Do you have time to drink something?

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I have little, if any, interest in popular songs.


Let's see how things develop.

Murat is an office administrator at an electronics company.

What is the purpose of education?

Let Ramneek carry it.

I love Aimer's songs.

Casey always checks the caller ID before he answers the phone.

I accused you unfairly. I'm sorry.

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We're going to Tammy's party.

In charity there is no excess.

Brian is annoyed with Page.

In spite of everything, he came.

The other day I came across a book that you might like.

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That's exactly what he said.


Do you love that man there?

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Vice was unable to move.

The Revolution is not an apple that falls from the tree when it is ripe; you have to make it fall.

They're so good, cream and hot bread!

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Hamilton was born on May 5, 2010.


She has preternatural powers!


I may be a little rusty.

We don't want anything from you.

Do you promise to keep my secrets private?

Something strange caught my eye.

Total tosh.

Mick is becoming accustomed to living in Boston.

The old man was run over by a car.

His bold plan gave rise to much controversy.

There is a table in the corner of the room.


Captain Branciforte didn't care at all for his son's future.


George just sat there saying nothing.

Many people disagree with you.

What a pity.

It's a pity that I have no ear for music.

Are you sure Curt can do this on his own?

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Izzy asked me to his apartment for dinner.


Anton has asked why we haven't finished yet.


Suzana needs an antidepressant.


I have one.

Linley is in the hospital, recovering from a drug overdose.

There will be blood.

I'm not very good at speaking French.

I'm not leaving without him.

Ariel didn't think you'd understand.

Amir didn't expect to sell his old car for so much money.

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She was burning with anger.


The long vacation will give him back his health.

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It was because he was ill that he decided to return home.

Bucky knows now that he shouldn't have gone there by himself.

I never expected your help.

I didn't know that you were a monster.

Classes started last month.

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Do you know anyone who was on that ship that sunk?

How many cars do you have?

I would rather be poor than make money by dishonest means.