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a hosted service to build your customer database and manage a loyalty reward program
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How does it work?

  • On any device such as an iPad, or on any platform, check in customers.
  • Gather information For a guest to join, we need their name and mobile phone number. That’s all, no complicated form to sign, cards to swipe, apps to download.
  • Include everyone Every customer, regardless if they are paying or not, receives recognition. It’s up to you, the business.
  • Respect privacy Information collected will not be sold or shared. We take privacy very seriously.

How do I get started?

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business services for small to medium sized companies

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Contact Management By checking in customers, you are creating a database of your most valuable asset. The system provides the only polite way to maintain current contact information of all visitors, with multi-language support.

Visitors Tracking Who are the most loyal customers? Customers’ visit history and preferences constantly updated and the information is readily available.

Analytics New versus returning guests? Effectiveness of advertisement placed? Detailed reports are only a few clicks away.

Loyalty Rewards Management An easy to setup turn-key solution enabling businesses to track both points issued and redeemed. The system confirms transactions via SMS text messages to members’ registered mobile numbers.

Multi-location Support Not only do we help individual businesses kickstart a reward program, the system is powerful enough to handle franchise based groups allowing guests from affiliated companies to share points.

Cross Platform This software as a service (saas) supports all devices and users may log in from any location to our secured servers.

Other Benefits

additional advantages

Flexible and Powerful Fine details for each customer may be entered into the database. The system can be seen as contact address book, except more capable like a CRM (customer relationship management) system.

Minimal Training The system is as easy as it gets. There is a screen with a numeric keypad to enter a customer’s mobile number for check-in or redemption.

Customer Retention Loyal customers are rewarded based on a fixed number of visits determined by the business. With the contact information, we can reach out to customers too.

Value to Customer Instead of complex reward matrixes, blackout periods, points conversion, customer can understand and appreciate the simple in-store credit.

Inexpensive No hardware investment needed except a device connected to the internet. Only a fixed monthly fee required.

Customer Friendly Zero inconvenience to customers, no paper or plastic cards to carry, apps to download, receipts to scan. The only thing we ask for is the mobile number so that we can confirm customer’s identity for redemption and point balance confirmation.

Who's using Simple Loyalty

  • Eateries
  • Retailers
  • Services
  • Hotels

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