Vernon said he had been busy.

I'm going to give it to her.

Jay wants to ask you some questions about French.

He had few teeth.


They are used to the humid climate of the summer.

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I was the one who introduced Emma to his wife.


I'll join you shortly.


Marian lives and breathes basketball.


I've got to get the house in order, so I'm busy now.

It was pretty neat.

Many men were badly wounded in the battle.


This is a plan that takes into account your stature and your ability to guard. By all means do it for me.

Phill smiled when he realized Ross was about to kiss him.

This is your color!

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I'd do it myself if I knew how.


Be careful not to say anything stupid.


An old castle stands on top of the cliff.

May be distributed in accordance with the GPL.

His selfishness makes me nervous.


Beverly doesn't seem to be hungry.

I blushed.

Ken thought that Sofia was sleeping.

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I wonder what it would be like to be a millionaire.

There goes your ride.

The cat took advantage of the high grass to creep on the bird.


In this case, 100 euro please.

This escapes my jurisdiction.

Did you even consider hiring Gill?

Blair untied the ropes.

When did he go?

I'm so sorry about what happened up there.

I saw Raphael in the parking lot when I left.

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He behaves as if he were a famous statesman.


I just want to be different.

There are several types of magazines.

Jones was born in the US.


I can't believe you're going to Pieter's party.


The idea that Japanese women are submissive and always obedient to their husbands is a lie.


Her means are small.


I wanted Naim to see me first.

Follow your dream to help others.

That's not what he was talking about.

He is my type!

I'm satisfied.


I used to be thin when I was young.

What happened to her this morning?

We wish we could've done more.

I'm going to give him a bath.

Everything is ruined because of you.


They cut down the trees dying of disease.


We aren't afraid of death.

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She can sing better than anybody else in her class.

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Kiki apologized to Drew for accidentally stepping on her foot.

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David wouldn't let his children use his power tools.


Have you had a child disappear before?


This is from us.

How many vertices and faces does a pentagonal prism have?

He shut up the money in the safe.

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Rajiv owes me thirty bucks.


The accident happened right before my eyes.

Don't bring that dirty dog through the kitchen.

There is little food in the refrigerator.

Sonja asked me what I wanted.

I hope you have a very merry Christmas.

The products are sold on a world scale.

I know an American girl who speaks Japanese very well.


He seems satisfied with my explanation.

I've just signed the divorce papers; I'm free at last!

There's nothing the matter with Jef.

You shouldn't let them in.

One day, it happened that I passed his house.

I'll have to work harder on my Japanese studies.

I accept, but only under one condition.


We've been over that.

Do y'all smoke?

You may bring your own lunch to school.

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You see, when you have just started a relationship you want to be close to each other don't you?

Jane kept silent for a long time.

She kept her word.

Dominic is quite enterprising.

Let's see who can find it first.


Wayne remained standing.

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We have to save him immediately.

The team carried out the project.

I know I shouldn't be vulgar, but your arrogance puts me off.

I want you to stay here and take care of Eli.

Bus ticket, handbag, and children's playground are examples of compound nouns.


The ice is so thin that it won't bear your weight.


What is the difference between a causal relationship and a casual relationship?


After filling your pipe with tobacco, tamp it down with your thumb, but don't pack it too tightly.

In English class, sometimes we sit in a circle to talk about a book we are reading.

The word "Entbindung" "birth" is ambiguous, it can also mean "death".

"What did the politician toast to at the dinner party?" "To peace."

Business people exchange cards at the beginning or end of a meeting.

They are continuing to call.

We argued with something of the purpose in the life about.

I bought an mp3 copy of Debussy's "Clair de Lune" in an online music store.

How many times do you think we're going to have to do this?

Without the shadow of a doubt, the dream was a memory from a previous life.

What's his track record like?


She thinks I'm jealous.

Bring the kids.

The farmers are planting barley.

Those is my problem.

I don't get it. Where's the punch line?

I don't know why I have to go.

Send him in.


I tell you that I am personally against abortion.

Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.

Clyde is careful, isn't he?

Bill was killed by a burglar.

It is an exciting night event.

It might get ugly.

Please check my vision.


Do you know sign language?


Donna came for a visit yesterday.

I don't have a large number of close friends, but I do know there are a lot of good people, near and far, who I can count on, who care about me, and who want only the best for me.

Christmas approached.


Ned thought it would be best if Sedat stayed with John.


I want to become better at playing baseball.


She understands you now.

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Stop blaming yourself.

She has been out of work these two years.

We don't need any more.

There are many urgent things to do.

The dates are often wrong.

Dan didn't even care to cover his tracks.

There's a good chance that Mikael won't like the kind of music your band plays.


I'll be absent from home in the afternoon.

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The monkey is climbing a tall tree.


It wasn't exactly a secret.


Many poets express their feelings to the beauties of nature.

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Kiyiv is the mother of Ruthenian cities.

Can you save him?

She deliberated over whether to go or stay.

One thing is certain: he was right.

Fill the jars with water.

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There are desks in the room.

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Would you mind if we spoke in French?

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I knew Helen was coming.

I want a lot more.

Kurt was here yesterday morning, wasn't he?


I think insurance will cover it.


Sharan asked Pam to forgive him.

I never thought I'd be happy to hear your voice.

I don't understand her.