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I didn't know that you loved her so much.

I think Brendan's skirt's too long.

Jane is interested in flower arrangement.

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That's my job, not Dawn's.

Let me explain the rules.

That medicine helped a lot.

We want the facts.

Enjoy life while you may.

Nothing's going to change my love for you.

How did the world come into being?

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I can suggest to you some very good websites for your study.

We have to find out why they want us to do this.

Try and hurry up.

His voice is that of a god.

Isn't there anything you can do to help?

She answered the questions.

When I tell you 'jump', you jump!


Farouk was unable to take his eyes off of Melinda.

She advised him to save money.

I hope you enjoyed your last days in Berlin!


We need all the money we can get.

If the guests don't mind, they are welcome to sleep in the basement.

I can read without glasses.

I told Deb I'd help him reinstall Windows.

I ran out of fuel.

Christmas Day is December 25th.

After we had sex, I fell asleep with my head lying on her stomach.

What time does she get up?

The mother kissed her baby on the lips.


Agent is always assigned to the subject.

Propaganda is communication intended to persuade.

You have a choice of black tea, coffee, or milk.

This school has no heating.

The computer stopped working after an automatic system update.

They say that seeing is believing.

Monty won't be there, will he?

I said "good night" to my parents and went to bed.

I can't shake the feeling that there's someone else in the house with us.

For understandable reasons, they have been rejected.

I like Japanese food.

You're out of line.

My idea is different from yours.

Now's not a good time.

Stay at home.

She remarried when she was in her mid-forties.

Bring also your mother.


I asked Toerless if dinner was ready.

She is pleased with her new dress.

If I could afford it, I would buy an electric car.

What's your schedule like tomorrow?

I make my own luck.


I couldn't tell what color his shirt was because it was too dark outside.

Hackers are adept at getting around computer security measures.

The boy is his father in miniature.


Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.


I have nothing to do with it.


This is a two-seater sofa using stain-resistant artificial leather.

I have complete faith in him.

The most common bell peppers are green, red or yellow.

We wear a uniform at school.

You're not getting away from me that easily, Mayo.


Lorenzo couldn't eat anything, but he drank a little water.

That's not how I remember it.

Let me take you to lunch.

We are leaving for London.

High five!

I hope my part-time job ends early today.

What color will you paint the kitchen?


Ukraine is called "Ukraina" in Ukrainian.

Hang that picture on the wall.

You seem a million miles away.

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Don't you dare bail on me.


You'll have to ask Marsh.

Soohong has a good camera.

She's still active in the front lines.

What do you do to pass the time?

I can't agree with you with regard to the new plan.


Cats don't like to get wet.


How long have you been in Boston?


Jennifer is definitely planning something.

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Don't just keep making excuses.

You're the one I've been dreaming of.

Elizabeth was prepared to go to trial.

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I got what you mean.

Many people came to the meeting yesterday.

One day he helped a weak turtle.

I walked around aimlessly.

Tad teaches an undergraduate course in translation.

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Did you ever catch Plastic?


He can understand but he can't speak.

They're not here yet.

If anyone is to blame, it's you.

Liisa was completely overwhelmed, but there was no one there who could've helped her.

Automatic doors can be controlled more intelligently than is now the case. A newly developed control system opens the door only when someone is actually approaching. The door will remain closed if someone is merely standing in front of it or walking past.

It's a polytechnic engineer.

Your club needs to elect officers: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

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Hamilton did not like Adams.


We weren't doing anything.


I suddenly felt old.

Are you going to kiss all of them?

You don't need this.

Wait over here.

The escaped prisoner is still at large.

How did the exam go?

Cecilia spoke up for Miki.

Have you read the whole paper from beginning to end?

We hardly ever agree on anything.

Is that a ring?

They pushed her aside.

My least favorite season is mud season.

What did Everett have in his pocket?

We all have experienced the serendipity of relevant information arriving just when we were least expecting it.

I want to take Morgan with me.


Jinny found what he wanted.


What's wrong with me?

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The plane seemed to just disappear into the ether.


Her baby can walk.

Was the door closed?

They came together.

Please wash it.

He has been working for the Banque de France for ten years.


Camillus returned to the city triumphant.

Sean wishes she had straight hair.

Come on, sing with me.


You need to get him a job.

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You are only a common mortal, who will have to die one day, and you cannot stay here any longer.

Leigh isn't very organized.

Is there anything new on the menu?

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Joanne has been appointed chairman.

I totally forgot that today is even a holiday.

I tried not to wake you up.


What in the world got into you?

It was really embarrassing.

Four of my favorite Christmas carols are "Silent Night," "Joy to the World," "The First Noel" and "Away in the Manger."


A magnificent sight presented itself before us.


She decided to have surgery.

Chris will come here.

Once upon a time, there was a cat whose name was Tango.


Now, why do you have to do that?

I love dogs so I often go to the park with my dog.

The President is leaving for Paris next month.

Let's listen to some music.

I couldn't help but watch.


She is very talented.

A captain controls his ship and its crew.

"Who can best do the job?" "No one other than Russ."

Kirsten is Manolis's only child.

The half of the Moon facing the Sun is always lit.

I have absolutely no intention of paying ten dollars.

The determining factor in question is whether this social welfare plan can facilitate the influx of immigrants.

Who was invited to the party?

Let's try to focus on the big picture first. We can take care of the minutiae later.

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Does this mean anything to Dan?


Don't worry. Kyung can fix anything.

They both agreed.

I saw a strange lady there.

Everybody in the family wore glasses and Dan was no exception.

Her hat fell off her head.

We spent seven thousand dollars on drinks in total.

It won't be long before your dream comes true.