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The plants are growing.

I have to do it.

It is stupid of you to lend him your money.

It is not right to steal.

My father turned a dead ear to my requests.

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He was regarded as a hero.

Take whatever cake you want.

Lyusya can't be reached by phone.

And then Kevin started shouting and told everyone to go home.

I don't watch much basketball.


The powerful rip current carried Prakash far away from the shore.

You're really good at French, aren't you?

My younger sister is famous.


I wish my wife was like that.

Tor died three days after Norman died.

Erick is in his office listening to the radio.


Please speak as clearly as you can.

Tell me all the details.

Show me where it happened.

I pretended that I didn't know what was happening.

Can I make you a proposal?

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I'm going to the dance, even though you don't like it.


Shel was a controlled wife.

I liked that comment.

I couldn't keep my anger down.

How many rungs does the ladder have?

Would this afternoon be OK?

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He's an Englishman, but lives in India.

Deb put the gun back in his waistband.

It's really not that interesting.

Casey is such a selfish jerk.

If you are not one of them, then you're nothing to them; in order to be one of them you've got to be born in their land, look like them and even think like them. As long as you are different, they will hate you for no reason. They are racists.

What's the matter, Lynn? Are you going to cry?

I can vouch for him.

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This seems to be a pretty busy place.

I'd like to speak with Giovanni alone.

There's something wonderful about night walks.

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That book is outdated.

We keep having the same old problem of people not paying their bills on time.

Draw a line here.

Are you going to record today's episode?

Have you got through with your work?

I will head to the pond as soon as the sun rises.

When is she coming back?


Hurf is very tired.

We're on schedule.

Does it really matter?

The Prime Minister's press release was full of motherhood statements.

Krzysztof is good at driving.


Losses will run into millions of dollars.


This person sold their sold to the devil.

Why didn't you tell me that belonged to Simon?

I can't fix the seat.

Men's things are sold on the third floor.

Lucy can't use chopsticks.


Jean-Pierre was paid three hundred dollars.


Life will already be over before you know it.

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Pity is akin to love.

We are the pioneers of this new branch of science.

I'm not that kind of sentence!

So, have you decided to join us?

Do you know where Roland keeps the aspirin?

I can't see what Tal is looking at.

Dan didn't even realize that he had been swindled.


Amanda stared at the pictures.

The singer is popular among young people.

Why would you do something like that?

Eating with you is a pleasure.

I think that is wrong.


Jochen worked like a maniac.


An orange tree provides an orange.

Where are the eggs, please?

Where do you want us to start looking?

You're not the only one who owes me money.

Scot and Brooke cleaned up after the party.

Both of the means are dangerous.

There's a better explanation.

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Maybe you'll get that job.

Richard is the only one who ever really liked me.

The fortress being out of supplies, its protectors had to give up.

Aren't you supposed to wait?

They told him.


We found what we were looking for.

No worries.

I'll be sure to tell Audrey that.

He chopped the carrot.

Tony's car's parked out front.


It looks like your hard disk is fragmented.


Don't treat me like a dog.

Charleen made a necklace for Bucky.

Rajiv's strong.

Do you have a smartphone?

Toby wasn't stupid enough to tell Alain what he really thought.

Knapper isn't listed in the phone book.

He made a very quick decision.


Staying up late nights is nothing to me.


Foods rich in vitamin E include dark-green, leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and whole-grain cereals.

I need to have a word with you in my office.

He retired from office.

The coffee pot is empty.

The child is opening the window even though his mother forbade him to.


I forgot my pencil.

We got drunker than ever last night and I woke up in the middle of nowhere this morning.

Let us come aboard.


We cook with a stick.

Don't tell me you're not going to Mason's party?

That ought to be fun.


Scot should get the job.

Juliet got out of the taxicab.

In each of us the genius will sleep.

Why do you take that medicine?

Everything Loren says is a lie.


Walking along the fence he noticed a mouse.

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What are you expecting for the new year?


Explode, pig!

Bertrand is the only one in our class who hasn't been to Boston.

I just spoke to him over there.


The Near East is still called a powder keg.

Debi could dance rather well.

It is getting hotter day by day.

I am coating the wall with lime.

You shouldn't tell Seth everything.

I guess that wouldn't mean much to you.

Today's a bit warmer than usual.

It will not be a straightforward, universally accepted matter when the US one day elects a female president.

This stone was so heavy that I could not lift it.

Don't look so sad.

We know you're a vegetarian.

I've never seen John do what you say he always does.

She doubled over, clutching her side.

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Francisco tried to kill himself.

The stock price index soared to an all-time high.

I want to be the first to do that.

Are you on any medication right now?

It is very impolite of us to decline her invitation.

My house stands on a hill.

Can I have one of those?


Panos walked with his shoulder into the wind.

Maybe Teri can help me.

The heavy snow prevented us from going to the concert.

I wouldn't mind if Per came to my party.

Sugih was afraid that the police might arrest him.


Could you come back here again tomorrow at 2:30?

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We were mediocre.

That boy doesn't eat.

That's not what's bothering me.

Can you shut the door on your way out?

I'd like to stick around and find out what's going on.

Either you or I must attend the meeting.

No one was as disappointed as me.


We've got to get rid of all this trash.

Hit the lights and let's go.

We might as well get started.

You were right, I had already listened to them.

Sam only has one shoe on.

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Valeria said he was expecting something bad to happen.

How can I change your mind?

The Confederate flag was lowered.

It is too warm for a fire today.

The apple tree has a beautiful blossom.

That was a close call.

The eel I caught last week is still alive.