Adam and Liza bought an old farm.

Isn't Yukimasa so cute?

It's hard to live with the knowledge that you are a failure.

Lewis is not able to swim.


Dominic never wants to see Vincenzo again.

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She felt herself lifted up.


Single, please.

This is really from my heart.

I don't make their children cry.


Do you actually think that's true?


They appointed a judge.

Jane doesn't know as much about Nara as she does about Kyoto.

I had to look after you.

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He was knocked over by the car.

She was all the more beautiful dressed in her wedding costume.

He paid no attention to my warning.

You knew Manuel would be here, didn't you?

So, I... I just turned into an alicorn today. I'm not used to the wings... Yeah, so, it's like... different, being an alicorn. I was thinking about maybe what I can do with the new powers, like, maybe I can use them in some awesome battle to get something I like: "Hey, now that I'm a god, you're gonna give me my books for free!" See, but then I can't think of anything where violence is gonna benefit me in the long run. I mean, I always had potential to be violent, so I guess nothing is changed... Maybe now it's worse.

Put the eggs into the boiling water.

I was in the train for twelve hours.


Pierre knew Martyn was falling for him when she laughed at his terrible jokes.


What's so funny about that?


I never see this album without thinking of my high school days.


How far is it to our destination?

Amy shouldn't drink.

I get the feeling that you don't like me.

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Do you really think that?


Where is the nearest metro station?

Excitement isn't good for a man of my age.

I've worked really hard.


I think we have all the data we need.


I don't have any food to eat.

I need to borrow this broom.

I live in Luxembourg.


Neither woman was injured.

This book is full of figures of speech.

These are my favorite pair of shoes.

I fell asleep while studying at my desk.

Patty heard Lyndon crying.

Ken always stands up for his mom when his parents quarrel.

I don't know whether you are ready to see what I want to show you.


That's something we may consider.

Commit these words to memory.

Most Hollywood movies have happy endings


Olivier is being hunted by the police.

Len doesn't have a savings account.

What platform does the train for Boston leave from?

On social justice, Pope Francis always speaks with wisdom.

He stood there with his eyes closed.

I have plenty of time to do that.

Joubert kissed Jinny in front of everyone.

How did you know he wasn't me?

You and I need to have a talk.


Adam looked off into the distance.


I thought we'd be home by now.

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Jacobson doesn't have any friends who like to go camping.

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There were puns in the holy writings, and they got lost in translation.

I wonder what Lar meant.

It happened that I met Mr Uno on the street.


Maurice isn't a suspicious person by nature.

He never touched wine.

We bought a pound of tea.

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I'm sure I'll be fine.


This adds to my troubles.

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One word led to the other.


Give me some of those.

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You should have left half an hour earlier.

Let me give you an example.

Christian has denied using steroids.

My mother is preparing dinner.

What's the name of the store where you bought that?

Pedro has a motorcycle and loves to ride it.

You fell.

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The horses are restless--perhaps we will have thunder tonight.

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This tall and thin young man had a spontaneous pneumothorax.

Get him away from here.

He put his name down.


Aren't you listening?


I'm never wrong.

We followed orders.

It was dark and cold in the room.

I figured I'd find you here.

Do you want to go fishing with me?

Straka convinced me you were the best person for the job.

What bands do you like?


Many things have changed in the last five years.

Don't let them know that.

I'm not sure how much they are expecting me to donate.

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I want to visit Egypt someday.

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She is mad at me.


Both cars involved in the accident were completely totaled.

You won't even remember me a few years from now.

Sjaak believed the story that Per told him.

Does anyone have any other questions?

They always wake up early, even on Sundays.


We knew enough.

Olaf died two years ago in a plane crash.

Why do you know that?


I forgot my purse.


Most languages have euphemistic expressions to describe death and dying.


Janet wrote down the license plate number.


Was Amos carrying anything else?

Humility often gains more than pride.

Sjaak dreamed that he had won the contest, but that his prize had been stolen.

In my tongue, I learned with patience to express my faith and say: "Oh, Creator! Bless my parents, take, Allah, my sins away!"

He loves his own children.

Shut the book.

Did everyone sleep well?

You could do that by phone.

A penny for your thoughts!

I thought you said you never went out drinking.

I liked Gerald better before he got married.

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I should've tried harder to get along with everyone in the class.


Pass the salt.

What did you major in?

He knows what annoys her.


Casey will cook.

Can't you sit the story out for a while?

I must be losing my mind.


He couldn't make good a promise between his father.

She shed plentiful tears when her beloved dog was killed in an accident.

I told Shatter I was busy.

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The last three blocks! Come on! Cheer up!

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Kee was busy yesterday.

Adam knows who killed his dog.

It wasn't easy.

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Find out what Cristi is doing in Boston.


Bradley was born in the winter.


They are organizing politically and working to ensure that they are respected and valued.

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Del is going to go to prison for a crime he didn't commit if you don't confess.


My conscience is bothering me.

I think I was the one who suggested that.

Dorian's not coming, because I don't want him to.

To hear him speak, you'd take him for a foreigner.

You love Briggs more than I do.

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Clare barely recognized Denis.

Do I have permission?

Alain sewed her own wedding dress.

Unfortunately, elephants can't sing well.

I'm being patient right now.

We slept in a very small tent.

Don't let him shut this door.

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Arlene opened all three letters.

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It's nobody's fault.

They made me wait.

My brother speaks very quickly.