Sanity might know how to play the bassoon.

Hsuan tried to do it.


You have something of a reputation.

Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?

Isn't it difficult to make yourself understood in a foreign language?

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How often do you hang out with Ping?

I haven't slept in days.

Dannie said John is a good man.

I'd like to help.

He is a member of the baseball club.


The child is stroking a cat.

"I think I really love you, Shadow." "I love you too."

I haven't told him yet.


I can't forgive him for what he did.

Gill was sentenced to life.

That is ugly.

Stevan can handle it, I think.

I don't like playing with him. We always do the same things.

I saw a man dressed as a ninja.

The soldiers stopped at every farm and village.


The boys built a raft.


Sometimes, I think about the future, and I forget to breathe.

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I can't pass up this chance.


Donna doesn't look his age.


I want to know everything.


We just didn't do enough.

Can you recommend any vegetarian dishes?

Why did my sixty-year-old landlord buy a trampoline?

Of the two of them, one heads east and one heads west.

What did you do before you got this job?

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She is being quiet for the moment.

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Tell me the news.

Their hypothesis is that these strategies may come into conflict with Emmet's theory.

Philosophy is the self-correction by consciousness of its own initial excess of subjectivity.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Tareq's the smallest of the three.

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I'm proud of him.

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Vance has as many cats as I do.


I love the beloved.

You didn't forget, did you?

Come on, you have to explain it again to him.


I need a condom.

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Don't think little of the ants' lives.

I hate insects of all kinds.

You arrived there before Vidhyanath.

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If you look closely, you don't see anything.


I am going to tell you that.

Some people don't like dogs.

They jumped into the water.


Hamlet has a clear understanding of the situation, understands that he is in the wrong no matter what he does, and realizes the consequences of his actions. He is, therefore, not mad.

Mikael is extremely gullible.

I don't want to disappoint you.

I'm practically melting over here.

I said I'd wait for you.

Yumi is happy, isn't she?

This is really good beef.


There's no table in the room.

Even we would have helped you.

I'm sure Philip will reform.


Timothy and Major enjoyed singing songs together.

Cats arch their backs.

The Finance Minister said the July rise in inflation was only a blip.


Martyn loves all of you.


Jianyun has a wife and three kids.


We'll be back in three hours.

In her right hand was gripped a suspicious looking rod that practically radiated "I'm a magical girl item".

They had seven children.

Three years have passed since he died.

You can bank on that.

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I've already been here two hours.

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Sundaresan would treat you with respect.

There is a gulf between our opinions.

We are to get married in June.

Someone called Teri.

The Voodoo priestess sniggered when Donn and Rajarshi, lost in this sentence, asked themselves who, if not the author, actually controlled their fate.

I'm little worried about him.

I can't help opposing the marriage.

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My birthday falls on a Sunday this year.

What kind of logic is this: one's always wrong, until proved right?

I already saw it.

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Lloyd baked brownies.

I can't be calm while talking about this.

That's what we're here for.


You must study English every day.

Deborah had his car stolen last month.

The teacher lulled us into thinking that we had won.

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I wonder what Granville wants.

It was kind of a surprise.

That horse came in first place.

What's going on in this town?

My mother is a sister of theirs.

Our eyes should meet when we shake hands.

The work is a heavy tax on my health.

He is wealthy, but his older embroidery is poor.

My life is different now.


I was only a seven-year-old girl at that time.


He erred in his judgement.

I didn't like the kind of friends she had.

The railroad provoked a kind of revolution.


We've learned that that's OK.


My liver is heavily damaged.


Mark the words that you cannot understand.


I love the way you make me feel.

Tell me the rest of the story.

I'm trying to think of some ideas for this article I'm writing.


Is there anyone we invited who hasn't come yet?

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Rodger went out for a walk with his dog.

That's more than a sentence; it's a painting of words.

Men are children their whole life.

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My sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery, was very proud of the fact that she had brought me up 'by hand'.

Some parts of this city are very ugly.

Geoffrey begged me to go with her.

I would like to have my hair cut.

Shatter is allergic to soya.


Stephan is a fool.

Let's take our seats.

All essays must be handed in on time.


We talked a lot about health.


I'm too old to go to Germany.

They lived in a very small house at the end of a long, gray street.

The fire was too hot, and the cakes were burned quite black on the bottom.


I want Herve off this ship.

Your wry insolence will not be rewarded.

He had heard people speak contemptuously of money: he wondered if they had ever tried to do without it.


I think I met you in a past life.

Did Hurf seem busy?

I didn't want that job.

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I gave it a shot.


Move the clothes from the washer to the dryer before they start to mildew.


I have a jealous husband.

Phil is overweight, isn't he?

Erwin claimed he wasn't afraid.


Width is one of the basic dimensions.

You have to take care of the planet.

Food works on our health.

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One of my friends knows you.


Would you like me to explain it?


I was born in 1960.


Helge is not a communist.


I assume you're referring to Andreas's problem.

A steam engine transforms heat into power.

They can wait.

We need to ask you some questions.

He went abroad soon after his father.


I am learning in a classical school.