I always wonder what happened to him.

I'm going mad.

Is there a public phone around here?

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I would have paid my debts if I had had money.

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When do you want to have your birthday party?

Becky didn't get sick.

Put your guns down.

We felt sorry for the error.

I think you know what you should do.


Mara turned off the alarm.


Dick says that he's willing to help.


I need some information.


Walter usually loses at blackjack.


I have been thinking about you.

Are you saying I smell bad?

Have you found them yet?

Do you have a large family?

It's just a trick of the wind.

It's now time for you to rest.

Bruce was too short to reach the top shelf.

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This is so tasty.


She sang better than him.

I didn't say it made sense.

They sued the government for damages.

I thanked Trevor for her help.

The children are afraid of us.

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Rodney filled his glass with water.

Hitoshi and Ozan chatted about the weather.

Early in life he showed a talent for painting.

I really don't want to go out on a date with Shutoku.

The gold cup was given to the winner of the final match.

Let's see it.

Martha was afraid he might bleed to death.


"Premarital sex?" "Yes, Lawrence. It means sex before marriage."

Shamim caught a slight cold.

Chet seems to have everything he needs.

As soon as I hung up, the phone started ringing again.

I waited for her for a long time.

Lonhyn returned from the kitchen with two mugs of coffee and sat down next to Edward.

Isn't there anything that will make you feel better?

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Since ski season is almost over, the ski wear that's on sale is all leftovers, so there's nothing that's just my size.


Languages evolve over time.


Do you want to piss before going downstairs to the street?

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I ate a large dinner and felt satisfied.


The plural of cactus is cacti.


It is possible that he has had an accident.

It must have something to do with money.

We haven't done anything.


Don't let Vick watch that movie.

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My favorite pizza is Pizza Hawaii.

Sergio appears to be wise.

The drive to the lake was very exciting.

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I won't press charges.

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He made a polite bow to his teacher.

There is little water left in the glass.

You wouldn't remember.

The sun doesn't shine at night.

He ate a herring salad.

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If I get rich, I will buy it.

I'm as hungry as a bear.

I think one drink will do.

How often do you wax your skis?

Where's the post office?

Do you like going to work?

It is a matter of indifference to him.


Tell me what it was like.


This isn't about me.


I signaled the car to go slow.

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Ever since we've been wearing clothes, we haven't known one another.


It's better than nothing.


Look, he's coming.

We should continue helping Ning.

I wrote a letter to my mother.

I've been trying to get Mechael to donate some money.

May I see him?


With teaching and studying my time is taken up.

All these pictures are of me.

Nicolette often cuts classes.


Rathnakumar and Kusum were friends.


A strong draft is getting in, close the door !

At first they try to ignore you, then they start to laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

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Spudboy never said who he was with last night.

I was thinking that I would go there by bicycle, but it began to rain.

Nancy is a capable nurse.


Why are you asking me these questions?

He is famous both at home and abroad.

The country borders on two other countries.


He asked after you last night.

You'd better do what Santa says.

How would it be possible to account for the genesis of structures if we are always already within a structure?

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Janos looked at Kyu in disbelief.


I'm the one who gave them that.


Let us daydream!

You're three years older than me.

Why doesn't Geoff know that?


You're ruthless.

Americans are all ears when people say something.

Something terrible has happened to Richard.


That could never happen to me.


You're the worst thing that ever happened to Ping.

Val and Price couldn't find an empty picnic table.

The Mississippi River flows into the Gulf of Mexico.


Be sure to simmer on a low heat so it doesn't boil.


I told Leads that he was a fool to let Torsten talk to him that way.

I am Taiwanese.

You're the only person who ever comes to visit me.

I know that now, naturally, all are waiting for me to share something about my voyage.

That small star is brightest.


Jay is the right man for the job.

Are you at the library?

I like egg whites.


I need to show you something.

When can I see you again?

Spass is three inches shorter than Ernie.


She was surprised when she saw the ghost.

Gideon should've helped Laurence with her homework.

Marguerite and Hurf talked the whole time.

They harbor thoughts of taking revenge on you.

It was five days after she graduated that my daughter left Osaka Airport for Germany.

I'm free tonight

He put a knife to my throat.


You're taller than I imagined you'd be.

That's no good, Jock.

Her success encouraged me to try the same thing.


Cole is a very classy guy.

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I think that the train will be here soon.


My hearing isn't as good as it used to be.

The coin was struck by a die.

Giraffes have very long necks.

Rick signaled Jarmo to wait.

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

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The business will pay in due course.

I have to respect Jesper's wishes.

There wasn't a need to stop a taxi.

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I share his opinion.

People don't buy milk from this store.

My grandmother left us a great fortune.

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Do you want to go to dinner today?


Hubert is 14 years older than Gil, and next year he will be twice as old as Jagath. How old are they now?


I assume you heard about Kenn's death.

It was wise for you not to follow his advice.

There's a reason these things are happening.


His indignation got the better of him.