Though it's a complicated problem, but I shall try my best to solve it.

I didn't realize you were here.

I owe my life to you.

How much for those trousers?


This isn't your fault.

A living dog is better than a dead lion.

She was, unlike her daughter, of small stature and her body was fat on the sides. It was as if a human head had been fitted unto the body of a pig.

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius at sea level.

I don't understand where I went wrong.

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Mike's inability to control his temper will likely instigate one international crisis after another.


After the argument with his wife he took a long walk to clear his head.

Those wouldn't allow Tommy to do that.

We bought a house.

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That's interesting, but not important.

My older sister has a mustache.

Since my mother was sick, I couldn't leave the house last Saturday.

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The population of the city is about 100,000.

I want you to work harder.

The company's gamble paid off.

The first electronic computers went into operation in 1945.

They surrendered to the Allies.

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I need to hire a lawyer.


Is there a telephone nearby?

I suppose anything's possible.

No one is responding.

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He had the majority he needed.

I may not agree with what you say.

Tanaka is acting like an idiot.

You'd better get dressed.

They succeeded in getting that job.

The sale of beer in Germany is decreasing continuously.

He doesn't mingle with the villagers.

Give them the facts.

We need to protect our children.

The book is multicolored.

Never tell a lie!

We have to see what works and what doesn't.

Brad would have loved this movie.

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Suyog threatened Skeeter.

I'm a fan of environmentalism.

Keep the engine running. I'll be right back.


He retired at the age of 71.

Murray had a crush on Jim.

We haven't had any complaints so far.

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I'm from the government and I'm here to help.


Jeff is highly intelligent.


If you want to succeed, use your time well.


My grandfather is sick.

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I'm getting along well with my new classmates.

This party is kind of boring, don't you think?

I feel like taking a day off tomorrow.


They easily adapted to living abroad.

She pays us every month.

Sandip is loud.


Trains were arriving on time.

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Animals can't speak.

We have no reason to change our plans.

Has Dawn's French improved?


She had no money.


Our club has three times as many members as yours.

They are paid by the week.

I don't want to contaminate the clean glasses by taking them out of the dishwasher.

During his captivity he made a promise to the pirates that he would eventually kill them. The pirates thought that this was only a joke. After he was ransomed, Caesar pursued and captured the pirates and ordered their crucifixion.

Could you explain to me what happened?

Don't run around the classrooms.

If this is coffee, bring me tea; but if this is tea, bring me coffee.

Klabaster and Gizmo are cats.

Live in the water and feud with the fishes?


You'll get used to the dorm life pretty quickly.


I'm looking for my key.


Nobody wants to play with him.

It is desirable that atomic energy should be used for peaceful purposes.

We were eating.


It's rainy today.

I will be there right now.

We used to live in London three years ago, then we moved here.


Ship ahoy!

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My ancestors are from Germany.


The problem is that religion tends to give people bad reasons to be good.

I can't find my pipe.

Wilson might be richer than we thought he was.

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I'm pretty sure Cary wasn't interested.

If we were together I would bring you flowers every day.

He was gasping for breath as he ran.

Andreas claimed that he saw a UFO.

Don't play poker with Shankar.

If the weather had been nice yesterday, we would have gone to the zoo.

It was next to unthinkable that the boy would steal.

The summit talks are to be broadcast around the globe.

Joubert could do nothing.

Lynne got a free upgrade to business class.

I would never hurt a child.

He built it.

It was more than that.

Aaron's father is older than mine.

Did you enjoy your birthday?

Eugene is definitely not in a joking mood today.

I feel better.


I don't have change.


Burning the candle at both ends reduces the candle to wax in a hurry - just like a playboy having a pretty girl on each arm.

What a big supermarket!

What you're doing is useless, but do it.

What he says is false.

Marcus isn't as tall as Marius.


Let's get what we need to keep a parrot.


Sorry to interrupt you.

My upper right wisdom tooth hurts.

She should have been more careful.

Pooja, the elegant lady with mellifluous voice, is to star in an upcoming Bollywood movie.

Who's going to stop us?


Christopher will cry.

Are we ready for it?

Can you help me find it?


You have every right to be mad at me.

She studied the Bible.

Lonhyn soon realized that no one was paying any attention to him.

He had a loving family.

I'm not free to go this afternoon.

It's not mine to give away.

Casey never uses paper towels.

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Let's split a salad.

I saw Mann dancing with Wade.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not there's a point to all of this.


I want to know who paid for this.


The world is very complicated.


He went home without so much as saying good-bye.

Valentin is the only one who really understands me.

I'm sick of her excuses.


I thought Floyd was a veterinarian.

Teresa accused Lar of cheating on her, but he strenuously denied it.

Sean is a real nuisance.


Why do you want Carter to talk to Mikey?


I'd like a fork.


We went down a river by canoe.

I don't even know if she has a boyfriend.

Norma is deceitful, isn't he?

I was the one who dug this hole.

Squirrels are quick learners.

Can it be true that he has denied that fact?

Give her your seat.


Why ask me? Wouldn't it be better to do it yourself?

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Who's going to try your case?

Are you sure about this, Raja?

I still prefer to write letters by hand.

This is just a game.

There is a wise American saying: Never waste a crisis. And the current financial and economic crisis affords us a rare opportunity to pause and reflect on where we have been going and where it leads.

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You may do everything but criticize me.


Don't you have an interesting face?


Does a cow have a pink udder?

Saumya didn't touch his lunch.

Rajeev doesn't need to be there until 2:30.

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This gate allows access to the garden.