Why does Character Counter Exist?

We live in an era where every single character you write does matter. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or just a simple note to your colleague or business officials. The number of words and character you use always matter because it's not about what you say, it's about how you say it and how many word and character you use.

The Importance of Character Counter in This Era

You might be wondering what's the point of counting characters? Well, whether you are a blogger, journalist or a professional writer, you should know that we all living in an era where word counts matter in almost every place. How? Let's see some examples.

Facebook Private Messaging: One of the most popular reason people use Facebook is because of their interactive messaging system. Well, this kind of messaging also comes with a character limit of 20000 characters.

Facebook Status: Facebook is also popular for writing status and share with your friend or publicly. This feature also has a limit of 63,206 characters. Surely the number is quite big and unless you are writing a novel of 200 pages, you should be fine.

Facebook Wall Posts: How about Facebook wall posts which allow you to write a quote or message to your friend's wall? This feature also have a 5000 character limit.

Twitter: I am sure you have heard of twitter unless you are living in a cave and somehow found a device to read this article. Well, twitter also have their own character limit policy. The maximum number of characters you can use in a tweet is 280 (before it was 140 but they pushed it to double based on user feedback).

Instagram: How about Instagram's hashtag limit of 30 characters? Instagram won't let you caption or comment anything more than 2200 characters and will get truncated after just 125 characters.

LinkedIn: Ever heard the community of professionals name LinkedIn? LinkedIn wouldn't let you write your summary that is longer than 2000 characters. More than enough character to describe yourself but you should also be careful while choosing your words.

Reddit: Lets talk about reddit, one of the most popular American social news aggregation and discussion website. The maximum number of character you can put on reddit title is 300.

Blogspot: Are you a blogger? If that's a yes then you should familiar with the name Blogspot. On Blogspot the description of a blog post cannot be greater than 500 characters and the "About Me" page cannot contain more than 1200 characters.

Google: If you have a website no matter whether it's a blog or an ecommerce site, you should do proper on page SEO. Do you know On-Page SEO is all about choosing the right word within limited character? Here are some example of how :-

  • Title tag in HTML only displays the first 70 characters.
  • Meta description in HTML have no limit but only first 160 characters are displayed in Google search result. Make it count.
  • Some says content length of your article is also a ranking factor for Google. In order to get the first page, you content should at least have 1500 words or more.

See, we are living in an era of limited words or characters.

Do you really need an online character counter tool?

Short answer No. Yes, you heard me right. You don't really need an online character counter tool to count the number of character you used on your article. You can do it by yourself using a paper and a pen or pencil. But if the length of your article goes bigger, you will probably find it not as easy as you think (unless you are a beast and have a lot of time to spend on it) .

That's where a character counter online tools come in handy. It saves your time and energy so that you can use those for writing another article instead of spending hours on counting characters.

How to use the online character counter tool?

Our character counter online is a free and very simple tool with a simple but user-friendly user interface. But it is more than enough to perform some higher level analysis that no other online character and word counter tool can offer till now.

In order to use this too, all you have to do is to go to this link — and paste your text into the provided text box and click "Count Characters" button. The character and word counter tool will automatically analyze your text and show the results immediately.

Character Counter Result
Sample output of Character Counter Online

How does our character counter tool work?

Our character and word counter tool currently provide 17 different kind of analysis. Here is a list of them:-

  1. Total Characters (with space)
  2. Total Characters (without space)
  3. Total Spaces
  4. Alpha Characters
  5. Numeric Characters
  6. Uppercase Character
  7. Lowercase Character
  8. Total Words
  9. Stop Words
  10. Total Words (without stop words)
  11. Unique Words
  12. Short Words
  13. Long Words
  14. Average Word Length
  15. Number of Paragraph
  16. Number of Sentences
  17. Single Spaces
  18. Multiple Spaces
  19. Most Used Words

Total Characters: It shows you how many characters you used on your text. Please note that space and new line is also considered as a single character.

Total Characters (without space): It shows you how many characters you used without counting the spaces.

Total Spaces: It shows you the number of spaces you used on your input.

Alpha Character: It shows you how many alpha characters you used on your text. Alpha character means any character between a to z whether it's an uppercase or lowercase. For example:- B, c,Z, x,F are alpha character while $, &, 1 are not.

Numeric Characters: It shows you the total number of numerical character you put on your text. Numeric character means anything between zero to nine. For example:- 1,5,8 are numeric character however i, ~, % are not.

Uppercase Character: It shows you the number of uppercase character you put on your text. Uppercase character means anything between uppercase A to uppercase Z. Uppercase character is also an alpha character.

Lowercase Character: This shows how many lowercase character it found in your text. Lowercase character is anything between lowercase a to lowercase Z. For example:- a, g, y, q are lowercase character, A, Y, 5, @ are not.

Total Words: It shows how many words it found in your text including stop words, long words and short words.

Stop Words: Stop words analysis in an unique feature of our character counter tool. Some words are considered to be stop words and here is the list -

  • a
  • about
  • above
  • after
  • again
  • against
  • all
  • am
  • an
  • and
  • any
  • are
  • as
  • at
  • be
  • because
  • been
  • before
  • being
  • below
  • between
  • both
  • but
  • by
  • could
  • did
  • do
  • does
  • doing
  • down
  • during
  • each
  • few
  • for
  • from
  • further
  • had
  • has
  • have
  • having
  • he
  • he'd
  • he'll
  • he's
  • her
  • here
  • here's
  • hers
  • herself
  • him
  • himself
  • his
  • how
  • how's
  • i
  • i'd
  • i'll
  • i'm
  • i've
  • if
  • in
  • into
  • is
  • it
  • it's
  • its
  • itself
  • let's
  • me
  • more
  • most
  • my
  • myself
  • nor
  • of
  • on
  • once
  • only
  • or
  • other
  • ought
  • our
  • ours
  • ourselves
  • out
  • over
  • own
  • same
  • she
  • she'd
  • she'll
  • she's
  • should
  • so
  • some
  • such
  • than
  • that
  • that's
  • the
  • their
  • theirs
  • them
  • themselves
  • then
  • there
  • there's
  • these
  • they
  • they'd
  • they'll
  • they're
  • they've
  • this
  • those
  • through
  • to
  • too
  • under
  • until
  • up
  • very
  • was
  • we
  • we'd
  • we'll
  • we're
  • we've
  • were
  • what
  • what's
  • when
  • when's
  • where
  • where's
  • which
  • while
  • who
  • who's
  • whom
  • why
  • why's
  • with
  • would
  • you
  • you'd
  • you'll
  • you're
  • you've
  • your
  • yours
  • yourself
  • yourselves

Total Words (without stop words): It shows you the number of words you used on your text excluding the stop words.

Unique Words: It shows how many unique words in your text. For example:-

Character counter is a free online word, character, paragraph and sentence counting tool.

In the above text, there are six words however there are only twelve unique words since "character" was used twice. So number of unique words here is twelve which is 92.31% of the total number of words (13).

Short Words: Any word having less than or equal to three character is considered to be a short word. On the example above, there is only three small words which is "is" and "a" and "and"

Long Words: Any word that is longer than three character is considered as long word. On the example above there are ten long words. Although the word "character" was used twice, but we are not counting uniqueness here, are we?

Average Word Length: It shows the average length of word in your text. The calculation is simple. If your text have two words and ten characters, then average word length is five. Let's take the example above and run a simple analysis.

Word Number of Characters
Character 9 Characters
counter 7 Characters
is 2 Characters
a 1 Characters
free 4 Characters
online 6 Characters
word 4 Characters
character 9 Characters
paragraph 9 Characters
and 3 Characters
sentence 8 Characters
counting 8 Characters
tool 4 Characters
Number of Words 13
Number of Characters 74
Average Word Length 74 / 13 = 5.69

Number of paragraph: It shows how many paragraph you used on your text.

Number of sentences: It shows how many sentences on the provided text.

Single Space: It shows the number of single spaces you used on your text. Please note that our character counter tool is smart enough to distinguish between single space and multiple space. This field only show you the number of single space, not multiple space one after another.

Multiple Spaces: One of the most underrated character is space. Since we can't see its presence sometimes we can't be sure that whether we put one space or two or multiple. However our online character counter tool is smart enough to do this job for you. It will automatically detect whether you put one space or more.

Most Used Words: This tool will show you the most used word on your article in descending order. Take a look -

Most Used Words by Character Counter
Sample utput of most used words by Character Counter Online

What makes our character counter tool different than others?

We all know that there are serval online character and word counter tools out there. So you might wondering what makes our tool so special than others? Well, here are some facts.


One of the key thing that makes our character counter tool different than other is the accuracy. Most of the character counter tool you will find online is not accurate. Most of them cannot detect multiple space, full stop, new lines or even stop words. Here are some example where other character and word counter tools fails but our character counter does not.

Test Input Other Counters Our Counters
Sentence count test... 3 Sentences 1 Sentence
First Para

Second Para
4 Paragraph 2 Paragraph
A Stop Word Test Cannot Detect Stop Words 1 Stop Word


Second thing that makes our character counter unbeatable is the speed. Our online character counter can process 1,000,000 characters within 200ms. Yes you read that right, it's one million character in 200 millisecond which is equivalent to 20% of a second. Pretty fast, isn't it?

User Experience

User experience is an important factor of any application. Our online character counter tool extremely focused on user experience and accessibility. We designed our software in such way than anyone can use our tool without any problem. No matter whether an user is deaf, color blind or non-native English speaker, we designed our website in such way that anyone can use it without having any issue.

Dedicated Developer Team

One of the most important thing of any good software is having a dedicated maintenance team. Well, we do have one. Our developer team is continuously working on making this tool more effective and efficient at the same time. And if you have a feedback or issue, you can file it using our contact us page.

And yes, all of these are completely free. You don't have to pay a single bucks for this, not now or not in the future.

We Respect Your Privacy

Most of the online character counter tool saved your input in other server for further analysis but it's not the case for us. We DO NOT store or view any of your content when you use our tool.

One of our main goal is to ensure the privacy of our user and to make sure that their content is 100% safe and private.

Services Offered by Character Count Online

Character counter online not only just provide character and word count service, it also expanding it's service area. At the moment we are offering the following services.

And yes, all the services we provide so far is free to use and we will not change a single buck not now or near future. Character counter is free and it will always be free for it's users.