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It rained after it had been dry for many weeks.

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Don't get your hopes up too much.

Fritz is not easy to impress.

Whether he will come at all is doubtful.

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I found this in our mailbox.

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Prime numbers are divisible only by one and themselves.


That car is too expensive for me to buy.

Am I singing that song well?

He seldom gets angry or irritated.


Are you Choctaw?

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I will eat chocolate.


It smells bad.

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This box must be large enough for all these books.


He has been out of action since breaking his leg a month ago.


They parted company.

I was amazed that she had drunk all of the wine.

Renu convinced me that Sanche was right.


Stan has more than twenty years of experience.

When was the car washed by Ken?

Have a cup of milk. It will do you good.

Marshall broke into our conversation.

Who is it?


If I were rich, I would go travelling everywhere.


When was the last time we met?


He boozes too much.

Thomas has one major flaw: he is selfish.

All you need to do is trust each other.

Manny broke my heart.

I started one.

Am I disturbing something?

"Since when do you have that car?" "I've had it for a long time, I bought it in 1999."

Johnathan drinks too much.

You have only to sweep the floor.


Did someone say my name?

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I don't agree with him at all.

They started studying English last year.

My boyfriend refuses to use the microwave.

Paste these labels on the jars.

Maybe Don did the right thing for the wrong reason.


Tor has lied to us.

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Do you see that girl over there?

If you are American, you have a citizen duty for your country.

Cindy didn't feel much like smiling.

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I waited for Gordon.

I'm not going to wait any longer.

Philippe unwrapped his sandwich and ate it.

I love her eyes.

I couldn't catch that.


My car is covered in pigeon shit.

Tao didn't want to discuss the details.

Do you believe in prophecy?

There was an air of mystery about the whole affair.

I go to bed at ten as a rule.

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What did they do to you?


What medications are you taking?

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He showed me the ropes.

Maybe she wasn't talking about you.

He did it just for fun.

You can tell him I said so.

Must the woman always play the secondary role?


Teenage boys are more likely than girls to be low achievers.

What did Mitch do with the money?

Nguyen said he wasn't surprised.

I'm sure I can persuade Brad to donate some money.

Most work is not very pleasant.


I have a dim memory of my grandmother.

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This is your house.

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We're having a discussion about that right now.

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Masanobu didn't really feel like going out drinking with the guys.

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Martha sleeps a lot.

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You are not old enough to go swimming by yourself.

For a while, I was really into cola- drinking it every day.

She didn't take many photos.

The burning building was about to collapse.

We don't know where we are.

Mechael is willing to go with us, isn't he?

Why would I want this?


I thought Max might be able to help us.

The real Princess was left standing below in the courtyard.

How much does a kilogram of pineapples cost?

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Kristen really wanted to see Moe.

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The train is leaving soon.

It rained for many days.

Without you we will not succeed.


You're dishonest.

He will follow Marc.

I don't remember actually deciding to do that.

He gave me what money he had.

Peggy noticed the door was unlocked.

My purse was stolen.

He sat down on the bed.

Lex wanted to know when Johan would get home.

I heard that you were looking for me.


One should take good care of every single thing.


You are a woman.


What is it that you want?

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There is a basket full of bananas on the counter.

Have you thought about what time of year you want to get married?

Cynthia is on duty tonight.

I eat and read at the same time.

I'll show you everything.


True friendships are everlasting.

Surya ate many of his meals off of paper plates.

I can't leave yet. I still have a few things to do.


But that your fear of me was greater than his life, now I bless you and your offspring, just so that they multiply like the stars in the heavens and just as grains of sand on the sea.

There is no sugar left in the pot.

He's still sponging off his father.

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


A strange atmosphere surrounds the visitor in this room.

I'm feeling very confident.

Do you want it now?

Are you ever going to tell me?

You write a very good hand.


The legend says he was invulnerable.

I'm very cold.

The neighboring countries never submitted to his terrorism.


I did not sleep at all last night.


I saw the house.


Do you know the guys Bruce is talking to?

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I guess Bruce is sick.


After a stressful day at work, he went home in a bad mood.

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What does this key unlock?

There are two zombies inside my house.

Jorge was walking slowly with his head down.


Miriamne and Annard were discussing the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage.

Let's practice foil fencing.

Does someone know where my son is?

Can I use your telephone?

So am I!


I will soon come up with you.

Men form a society.

Most people thought it was a good treaty.

What do we do about her?

I like wxWidgets because, unlike most other toolkits, it has a function named Centre(), not Center().

This is the first time I've watched this film.

Could you all please just go home?

All the girls fancy him.

My granny spoke longingly of the halcyon days of her childhood.


Did I win?

I don't know who knows.

Monty wouldn't share his secret recipe with me.

Some of the students like to draw pictures.

There aren't any fish living in this river anymore.

I sentence you to ten years.

It'll probably be easier for everyone if we don't tell Marsh until after we shut the life support down.


Glynn is fighting, isn't he?