I hate school but ignorance is worse.

What a good dancer Aoi is!

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Excuse me, could you please take a photo of my friends and me?

Everybody beats the fool.

Shawn hacked his way through the jungle alone.


She told him "Nice job!" He answered "No big deal."


I have a lot of work still outstanding.

Would you like to have a bath before going to bed?

Norm is optimistic at this point.

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Has Brad transferred yet?

My whole body was shaking.

I used to work for her.

We should try to make the conquest of peace.

I have few friends here.

I've noticed that Dannie doesn't usually lock his door.

I'll pay for myself.


What can I give you in return?


I heard of his involvement in crime.


I had a fantastic time.

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We're shooting.

The coin toss decides who will kick off the match.

I was flying, like the wind.

My aunt wears glasses when she reads the papers.

I'm in the middle of a muddle.

I can't see what the two of them are doing, but they are making a lot of noise.

I just needed directions.


Mr Suzuki is a great scientist.


On their way back home, Tai suggested that they stop and get something to eat.

Introduce me to your parents when you feel ready.

Brett can be very scary sometimes.

The boat is attached to the anchor by a chain.

Betty's not in a good mood.

I'm Clifford's case manager.

I think this is a good start.

He has three daughters; one is married, but the others aren't.

Please don't jump.

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I often heard him playing the melody on the trumpet.

I saw her on the stairs.

Doug is making faces at me.

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If you are to finish the work before June, you will have to work much better.

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What're Walt and Donn planning?


I got Carl some water.


You're just like an angel.


I'd like to take a small trip this weekend.

Except for Marc, everyone in the family can speak French.

Scott is friendly with Hans.


Can you touch the bottom?

The javelin thrower's record was 12 metres.

I don't care for eggs.

Stephan showed Cindie's letter to me.

Emmett reacted defensively.

It's difficult to understand his theory.

Maybe I should do it.

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Why won't Dwayne let his kids go camping with us?

He got up early in order to attend the meeting.

Surcharges are not included.

Laurel was fired because he couldn't be trusted.

I just think it's the right thing to do.

Marco's father is a police officer.

This is all new to me.

There is a spoon missing.

What department are you in?

A senior government official was arrested on corruption charges.

I am going to fly my kite this afternoon.

They're taking a long time.

She was holding an umbrella.


Between ourselves, the fat ugly witch is on a diet.

If you have ever visited Rome, you must have seen the Coliseum.

Possibly you share some blame for this problem.

He has a swimming pool.

I just want to be left alone for a while.

Fay is Roberta's father.

Let's take a short break.


I'd like to offer you a job.

Marsha said that the alarm was coming from the lab.

This is the letter written by Mr. Brown.

He said, "Trust me."

This is astounding.


You sent the package by plane.

When I saw Marsh yesterday, he was wearing a cowboy hat.

I want you to tell me how to do this.


He tried not to be too biased.

Don't you want to hear the rest?

He is a Londoner by birth.


Jose is one of the suspects of murdering a cab driver in Rio de Janeiro.

That happened to my friend.

He set up his company that year.

I want to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Theo can do the splits.

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That's the part I liked best.

The hour-long concert at the Kennedy Center was broadcast live on TV last night.

Frank was ready.


We still aren't the ones who make the decisions here.


Soccer played throughout the world today is closest to the original football.

I gave up all hope of survival.

I love her with all my heart.

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Kate was looking at some girls in bikinis.


Mr Sato ran a supermarket in his hometown before he came to Tokyo.

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You are responsible for the result.

I told them it wouldn't be that hard to find someone to replace Tahsin.

We have one mouth only.


The hawk caught a mouse.

The eraser on the pencil you just gave me is worn down.

Don't worry about me. I'm OK.

The animals run.

Lisa has the measles.

Chip doesn't know the difference between Easter and Christmas.

Life without you makes no sense.

Where is your child?

We'll have a great time together.

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How did you know Mysore was interested?

They struggled.

Don't bother to answer this letter.

It's difficult to speak with him.

Judge cooks for us every day.

Why don't you read a book?

Don't let Kristian fool you.

I'm a prisoner.

Fletcher stepped back from the telescope.


Could you hold this for a second?

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Hy wanted me to buy him a pony.

The soldiers turned traitor.

Tomas was almost in tears.


I felt the same way.

Now I know why.

All this talk of food is making me hungry.


Why is Lewis acting like this?


My mother makes a cake.

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Tahsin is selling his house.


Running the Inca Trail near Machu Picchu can be arduous.


Precautionary measures were unnecessary.

Which solution is the best?

German is Lichtenstein's official language.


On a case-by-case basis, in accordance with legislation, the environmental assessment branch will consider requests from members of the general public to undertake an environmental review.

We're going to have a party tonight.

He's two years older than I am, but he's shorter than I am.


Someone ate all the cookies from the cookie jar.

He now was sixty-eight years old and a sick man.

I can't see what you mean.

Ronni scratched the back of his neck.

They played quite a few Ella Fitzgerald songs.


How many times a day should I feed my dog?

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It doesn't make sense.


I'm sure Kerri didn't intend to hurt your feelings.

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Why did the police arrest Malaclypse?

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Alister killed Barbara.

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This is a classic.


Dark as it was, we managed to find our way back to our tent.

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I hope Ping can fix it.

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I'm sure Jerome will think of something.