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  • Be organized

    Present your social media feeds in one place, on one screen for instant viewing.

  • Be timely

    Include your calendar, to-do list, local weather, traffic reports and more on your social media channel.

  • Be flexibile

    Watch your social media channel on a laptop, tablet, phone and TV.

  • Be aware

    See your social media analytics realtime alongside your live feeds.

  • Be connected

    Conveniently share your personal social media channel with family and friends.

  • Be quick

    Simply select your channel to interact with each of your social media platforms.

  • Be unique

    Design your own custom channel from a selection of themes and layouts.

  • Be more happy

    Spend less time managing and more time enjoying your social media content.

Social Media Apps

Get Started - Use your phone to create your social media mashup with a quick step-by-step wizard, then simply watch on your computer, tablet, even on your own social media TV to stay connected. We’re helping large corporations connect internally and keep on the pulse with their customer base. Now you can have access to what the pros use.

Social Media Channels


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