The street is blocked because of the demonstration.

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Who taught you dance?

There is snow on the mountain.

Today I learned that I have accomplished one of my goals.


Everyone laughed, including Gordon.

You ought not to go there alone.

Don't stay out all night.

The game is not worth the candle.

Products with GMO are dangerous to human life.

Cut, wash and dry, please.

I've always wanted to travel around the world.


What happened freaked her out.

Thank you for showing me around Boston.

It's simply beautiful.


No one is capable of predicting the rage of nature.


I'm afraid I've offended you.


Hirotoshi seems to be a little tipsy.


I'm talking about him.


I want Son here.


He is fuming that they will be sorry for it some day.

Fill it up.

I'm getting tired just looking at taxis, at people. My head feels like it's going to explode.

Is Tanaka going somewhere?

Gregory knows Edgar lied.

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We must help him.


She took my hint and smiled.


The house is said to be haunted.


Sir schoolboy, it's all, all been prompted to you. The correct answer is, naturally, a cook!

Revised bought Sridhar a few drinks.

It was a strange affair.


I need French for my job.

I'm closer to him than anyone.

He is prisoner, but he is innocent.

I like to climb mountains.

The empire strikes back.


It was a private matter.


They will protect you.


The lady standing by the gate is a famous singer.


Roy told me that he likes you a lot.

I'm just trying to be thorough.

Who is coming home?


It's really great.

It's necessary for all members to follow these rules.

I finally talked her into lending me the book.


He acquired the habit of snacking.


I want my children to have that opportunity.

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Are you tidy?


Trust me!

Drink water only when you are thirsty; drinking 8 glasses a day is only a myth.

You can't see what I can see.


He returned to his native village.

Talk to you later.

Don't even talk to her.

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I'm getting high.


They say we are going to have a severe winter.

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I couldn't forget you if I tried.

Where did you see that woman?

He's an eccentric man who thought that time was not linear.

I want them gone by noon.

Did Masanobu find them?


Hey, I'm Mike.

There is a huge arch over the road.

You must do as he says.

They had never been very successful.

You're a horrible person.


Elwood speaks French much better than Vladimir.


Can I stay a little longer?

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Len doesn't trust any of us.

Don't you eat that.

I don't think you heard me the first time.


Stan has always carried a torch for Liz.

Thanks to a fundamental restructuring, our surplus has swelled three-fold.

Raul will keep coming.

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He could swim across the river when he was in his teens.


Are you two related?

I want to know where they've taken Bradford.

I'm paying for everything.


Brenda flew in from Boston this morning.

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When I visited my friend in Nagano, I was treated to delicious soba.

She is careful about the way she receives guests.

He is a man to be trusted.


I heard that Ahmed was working late last night with you. Is that true?


Have you already decided who you're going to hire?

I don't think I'll pass this exam.

They'll put you up.

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The girls talked about her behind her back.

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Please give this to them.

Dawn's dew evaporates in the mild sunbeams.

Does anyone know we're here?

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All right, let's get out of here.

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Don't try too hard!

I also wanted to enjoy the break, but thanks to preparation and supplementary lessons for a certain six-man team, I got none!

That's indeed curious.

Once any matter falls into a black hole, it disappears from the visible universe.

Takao isn't as good-looking as John.

Let's hope it doesn't rain.

My New Year's resolution was to lose weight.

I can take you to Kimberly.

I've never met Roman.

I'd pay you a visit if I had time.

Money can't buy happiness.


Griff is smelling the flowers.


I promise I won't hurt you.

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She has no less than ten children.

Put the dough in the refrigerator overnight.

He sent me a birthday card.

What does the word "next" means?

This vitamin boosts your immune system from diseases.

What's my doctor's name?

In the evening they came to a large forest, and they were so weary with sorrow and hunger and the long walk, that they lay down in a hollow tree and fell asleep.

I will speak with you tomorrow.

Stop clinging to your glory days, or you'll be left behind.

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A monument has been erected to the memory of the deceased.

Deep Blue beat chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov in 1997.

She is disgusted with the job.

I don't know either girl.

It went great.

We intend to change that.

First cousins are too close for marriage.


I was told to help.

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I looked, but I didn't see anything.


How did you accomplish that?

Competent people need not apply.

I didn't think that Oskar was that old.

Curiosity is nothing more than vanity. More often than not we only seek knowledge to show it off.

Is that going to be a problem?

You can do whatever you like.

You're mad at him, aren't you?

We all want to be forever young.

Sorry honey, there's just no way I can take a whole evening of cocktail party chitchat.

I think Lui is responsible.

I'm going to the store.

Whatever you write, it will be translated. People translate just about anything without even reflecting on what it is they're translating, or if it makes sense at all.

I feel like a pizza.

She squeezed a lemon.

We'll do it, but only after the show. And now we have to answer the guy's questions.

Kim said he had eaten nothing, but that wasn't true.

If you have some troubles, I recommend you confer with him.


Pam and Milo gaze at each other.

Esperanto is an 'informal', constructed language.

His love was passionate and pure.


Many Asians have English as a common language.

Dancing is a delight to me.

This makes her angry.


Gunnar isn't the only one here that can swim.

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It seems to me that I heard a noise in the attic.